Roberto Severi and Maria Cristina Mazzeschi Architects in Tuscany

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Severi & Mazzeschi’s consultancy is aimed at the house purchaser in Tuscany and covers the following:

  • Price evaluations – to ensure that the asking price is a fair one
  • Survey reports – on the state of the property and estimate for any necessary renovation works to be carried out
  • Surveys on the stability of the building and the adequacy of the structure
  • Environmental reports – detailing any harmful materials/substances on the property and the estimated costs for the safe removal of same
  • Searches in the Land and other Registers to check compliance of the property with building and planning regulations
  • Liaising with legal firm to draw up Offer to Purchase on behalf of client

The client may, on request, be assisted by our partner legal firm. The service includes a native-English speaking lawyer.


Roberto Severi & Maria Cristina Mazzeschi
via Vittorio Veneto n. 170
52100 Arezzo - Tuscany - Italy

tel. +39 575 906684

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